Out of a brainstorming session, three words were randomly chosen to create our concept: “Space”, “Yoga”, and “Bend.” These words came together to create a futuristic project about the possibilities of yoga and meditation in space.

A large amount of time was spent researching and discussing how people in space exercise today. In order for astronauts to stay healthy, they must complete a large amount of exercise while in space. We noticed that in order to lift weights or to get a cardio workout, they must be strapped into the equipment in some way because they are moving without gravity.

We sought to bring a more natural way of exercise back into their routine. We strove to create a more natural environment for exercise without the use of hooks, belts, or straps to constrain the user. Instead we played with the idea of using an elastic fabric to create a “cocoon” of sorts to hold the astronaut in place. We called this our yoga-suit.

We also created a bubble-like room for the astronaut to meditate, away from the wires, buttons and metallic materials that surround them in the shuttle normally. We imagined it would be on the side of the shuttle, where users can meditate while viewing the stars.  Or if they choose, they could project a more familiar background of the ocean to “bring them back to earth” for the moment, helping them to relax as they are far away from home.

The service portion of our project was to support this system for future space tourists. While on earth, travelers would be able to customize their meditation experience for their trip. With a website, tourists could choose their yoga-suit, customize a training program and also choose and create different projections for the meditation room.