Happy Bag

Happy Bag is a concept service that allows its users to move and manage their luggage smartly. Users send their luggage ahead and can decide for it to arrive before or after they reach their destination.

In the case of connecting flights, the luggage could be sent through a direct route reducing the carbon footprint. The luggage could be delivered to the final destination, such as a home address or a hotel, freeing the user from the hassle of handling their luggage. This could open up the possibility of using public transit instead of expensive taxis when traveling to and from the airport.

When you send your bag with Happy Bag, it is given a special tag with an RFID tag so that its movement can be better tracked. Many people have experienced the agony of an airline losing theirs luggage and have had entire trips soured because of it. For some, these kinds of experiences have been so unpleasant that they have acquired permanent distrust of specific airlines or nagging worries about whether they’ll ever see their luggage again when flying. We’ve tried to give Happy Bag users some peace of mind by enabling bags to communicate their ‘status’ with owners via SMS. Natural language is used for this aspect of the service to make it delightful.

The video was produced as part of an assignment to introduce or showcase a concept within the week long workshop. The aim was to come up with ideas that addressed particular situations/problems/pain-points/opportunities and convey them effectively. It involved rapid sketching and building scenarios and criticism from our understanding of certain behaviors and mental models. Part of the exercise was to try out stop-motion animations.