Velux Chip-in

A service that helps communities of urban dwellers understand how their contributions to sustainability, no matter how big or small, impact the world.

Velux Chip-in provides apartment associations a suite of tools to strengthen their community through the shared goal of sustainability. Residents measure their personal contributions to this larger whole (e.g. tending to plants, greywater usage, etc.) with devices that translate the ‘quantity of impact’ into something with more human resonance—a score that favors effort basically.

This individual score contributes to the apartment complex’s overall score, which in turn contributes to the city’s score. The city’s score then contributes to the country’s score, and finally, the country’s score contributes to the world’s score. In this way, individuals get a sense for how the seemingly little things they do affect the rest of the world.

Residents are able to see all this in a couple of ways: (1) a communal ‘bulletin board’ screen installed near the building’s entrance, which serves as a common reference point, displaying an overview of the building’s score and a feed of individual contributions as they happen; and (2) a web portal where residents can see a more personalized breakdown of their contributions over time.