#theVELUXpose is a movement to urge young urban citizens to aspire for active roof spaces.

We think that most rooftops are a neglected opportunity space that has amazing potential to transform cities by connecting people with daylight, fresh air, and open skylines. #theVELUXpose aims to encourage young urban citizens to take an active role in redefining rooftops as active spaces with VELUX roof windows serving as the enabler of this transformation.

What’s so great about these roof windows? Well, you get sunlight, you hear the rain, you get the freshest air in the city. Roof windows get you that bit closer to nature. So we distilled one key element of this experience, which is the posture people have when looking out of these windows. They look up at an angle of 125º. We called it #theVELUXpose. And we brought this experience down to the streets with an interactive installation.

This video shows it in action.