The VELUX Membrane Views

Our Membrane Concept

In 2040, more than nine billion people will inhabit the earth, more than two thirds of them will live in urban areas.

The VELUX Membrane Views are permeable and responsive materials that facilitate exchange of elements from inside and outside. They bring nature’s power calmly through our living and working spaces. The house and city building is no longer a container with closed walls. The building in the city, is like a cell in the body, its wall is a layer that is responsive to the environment. The Velux Membrane Views help to maintain equilibrium between the environment, people and the megacity.

A membrane is a layer that is both porous and resistant. It mediates the flow between one side and the other. In a cell, the membrane is selectively permeable in order to maintain the right levels of. It protects the cell from outside but also mediates

City borders & boundaries

The home is a place of safety and of privacy the envelope where the window display is the lung of the house, restructure again and again boundaries between the human need to feel isolated or social.

The city street is a place to see and be seen. We believe that both of these spaces are valuable, however the walls we have built between inside and outside are impermeable that isolate and separate. The frame with its glass, the window today, is open or closed. We see the window as a place of opportunity, the potential for it to be a permeable and responsive membrane that facilitates exchange of elements inside and outside.

In our thinking about membranes and the structures we have in the city, we believe that the membrane should…

  • sense, interact and filter biological signals
  • respond and be affected by natural forces
  • have clear and immediate feedback – this helps the inhabitants negotiate and adjust to biological signals and natural forces
  • blur the boundary between inside and outside
  • Facilitate flow: a continuous transfer of energy or a smooth uninterrupted movement or progress.

A city needs constantly to absorb new elements. In healthy cities, economic energy pushes outward from the center to the periphery. The problem is that we are better at building boundaries than borders, and this for a deep reason. Our product seek to build an ecological border, by contrast, is a site of exchange where organisms become more interactive.

The three concepts:

BioView – Harvest food at home and bring nature to your window frames.

  • brings green into the house
  • produces food
  • can be installed into existing structures
  • minimizes household trash

WindView  –  Feel and see the wind as time passes by.

  • shape shifting with the power of the wind
  • performing a quiet concert of wind-sounds
  • shows age through beautiful marks of time
  • both flexible and protective with the wind

AirView  –  Circulating city air and dissolving boundaries between inside and outside.

  • makes densely populated urban areas easier to breath in
  • helps air circulation in the urban environment
  • lets positive bioactive molecules into living and working spaces
  • dynamic and flexible material for construction of large buildings