The 1960’s is known to many as the “golden-age” of air travel. Flying was for the elite who dressed up, a glamorous experience filled with indulgence and sophistication. We aimed to bring back this experience by creating the iPhone app JETSET to track flight history and visualize interesting data about the user’s flights.

People who love air travel now have a place to compile interesting information about their flights. As they travel, they are able to add flights which will be included on a map where they can easily zoom and scroll through a timeline to see where they have flown in the past.

The app also creates fun data visualizations generated by the user’s flight data. For example, it shows how far you have traveled in comparison to a trip to the moon or how long it would have taken you to walk to your destination instead.

To give the user a feeling of achievement, we also added the ability to earn medals based on how much you have flown, where you have traveled, and what type of planes you have taken. The user also has the ability to share their achievements and information about flights on social networks.