Body Story (iPhone app)

Body Story is an iPhone app that allows users to track and understand recurring medical symptoms.

In our world, the importance of monitoring personal health is oftentimes overshadowed by the complexity of resources and tools involved in healthcare. Body Story streamlines the process of health monitoring through an interface that enables users to keep a record of their symptoms with simple inputs.

The information is added through a tap on an interactive outline of a human body. This allows users to quickly indicate the physical location of their symptom and, if necessary, proceed to add more information. In the following steps, users have the option to add notes, images or sounds and record the level of pain. Doctor’s visit tags make it possible to track doctor’s notes and diagnoses that are so often forgotten or misplaced by patients.

The entry screen also allows users to create custom groups of symptoms that represent a similar occurrence. Although Body Story suggests common symptom categories through an autocomplete feature, a user can overwrite a suggestion with a custom group name and continue tracking symptoms within the group over time.

The data collected through the main interface translate into a visualization that represents cumulative symptoms over a period of time. The visualization makes it easy to track the occurrence and pain intensity of symptoms in each user-defined symptom group.

After viewing their symtom patterns, users have the option to compile a PDF report of their recovery progress and send it to their doctor via email. Body Story automatically compiles a PDF record of the symptoms within a selected group and allows the user to further customize the report by selecting individual symptoms through a list view. The report is fully comprehensive with images and notes, which makes it easy for the doctor to gain a complete overview of their patient’s recovery.

Body Story’s quick and simple interactions make it an easy addition to one’s array of tools to monitor personal health.