Splash is a kinect powered concept which enables users to paint their wall with various colours without destroying it. It is an interactive installation which brings playfulness to home.

The starting point for the project was to have a physical input to generate some type of digital output. After the initial brainstorming one of the strong interaction which we stumbled upon was bouncing the ball off the wall.

We generated various ideas around this interaction and finalised on splashing of colours. Every bounce of the ball on the wall generate a different colour splash. The size of the splash is mapped to the force at which the ball is thrown.

Microsoft Kinect is used to detect the position and speed of the ball beyond a threshold distance designated close to the wall. Faster the ball is thrown, smaller is it’s duration in the Kinect’s range beyond threshold. The trick then is to match the projection to the range of the Kinect on the wall for generating the splash at exact bounce position, which requires the projector to be placed accurately and keystone adjustment.