We all can imagine what Space Tourism could mean thanks to sci-fi books & movies. In special people in the late 60 dreamed that traveling to outer Space will soon be democratized and everyone will be able to afford a trip because of the rapid developments in that time. That promise is unfulfilled to this day and the reality is that actually less and less people are leaving Earth per Year. However space tourism is already happening and this project was aimed to provide a vision of how a space tourist user experience could look & feel like 3-4 years from now (based on existing or foreseeable technology).

What are the opportunities for Interaction Design?
How will the experience of being an orbital space tourist look and feel like? What is the purpose of space tourism? How can we design a meaningful experience? -> People centered design approach for the next generation of human space flight.

It is the year 2016-2018. Private companies are providing commercial space flights to low earth Orbit and stays on commercial space stations.

Service Design
Orbitalism focuses on #SpaceTourism in low Earth orbit. It is a speculative space tourist service that tries to answer the question of the purpose of space tourism and showcases a possible journey from booking to landing back on Earth. The service asks their user the main question “Why are you going to Space” and then coaches the future space tourist while planing and preparing for their personal mission.

Concepts & Prototypes
This service design process helped to identify important touch points during such a journey and concepts & prototypes has been developed to support and enhance the experience of leaving Earth and being in Space. From the moment of launching to space, to the moment when a space tourist will see Planet Earth from above for the first time and the moment when a space tourist is experiencing micro-gravity and wants to share this experience with people back on Earth.

Testing & Feedback
During the research phase I interviewed people from the space and tourist industries and I had the chance to do a user testing session with an former astronaut. I also presented the project at SpaceUP Polen.

Visit www.orbitalism.com for detailed information about the project. Get future updates via @orbitalism.