NYTimes Word Match

NYTimes Word Match is a matching game. Created in Processing, it grabs article titles from the New York Times Article Search API. The goal is to match at least one word from one article to a word in the second article that is falling from the top of the screen. This project explores how live data can be used to create and alter a game.

The game starts with the sentence “I love the New York Times” at the bottom of the screen. The program grabs a random word from this sentence to search for an article in the New York Times that contains this word in the title.

Once it has found an article, it then appears at the top of the screen and falls until it hits the sentence at the bottom. If the two sentences have at least one word match, the title stays, and a new title appears at the top of the screen to be matched. As long as they match, the titles will keep building. If they are mismatched, the title falls through, until it is matched properly.

If the player reaches the top, they move on to the next level, which speeds up the rate at which the title falls.