Danish Rye Bread Elements

The Table of Danish Rye Bread Elements is a close look at Danish rye bread.

What is it made of? How healthy is it? Why is it so heavy?

There were so many questions about the dense Danish rugbrød, so it was time to investigate. Three different loaves of rye bread were dissected by hand and each element was weighed. Asking the baker or perusing recipes would not have given the same results; this analysis gives specific answers based on the particular loaves that were chosen.

The excitement of the process of the manual labor coupled with the anticipation of the results led to 8 hours of serene and slightly obsessive concentration.

The visualization aspect of the process gave surprising outcomes. The number of elements in certain loaves was unexpected, especially the loss of moisture during the examination process. Calculating the nutritional aspects was beneficial for future consumption of similar breads. Thanks to the Table of Danish Rye Bread Elements, these edible universes are now slightly demystified.