Yufan (Wei) Wang

Country: China
Area of Expertise: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Wei received his BA and MA degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Dalian University of Technology in China. Instead of starting a career as an engineer after graduation, he took the Industrial Design Introduction course at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden – because he prefers dealing with more creative work rather than technical stuff. During his studies at Umeå he gained knowledge about the whole design process and also cultivated an understanding of design thinking and user-centered design philosophy.

With both his engineering and design backgrounds, he realised that he should focus on a specific area where he can explore his knowledge the most. He joined CIID, hoping to find a path to blend his technical and design skills. At the moment, the areas in Interaction Design he wants to focus on are user experience and tangible interaction. He is also interested in experimenting with open source projects such as Processing and Arduino.