Wan-Ting Liao

Country: Taiwan
Area of Expertise: Economics and Graphic Design

Wan-Ting graduated in Economics from TungHai University (Taiwan) and began to work in a toy company as a purchasing specialist and graphic designer. Her basic graphic skills were learnt while she was working at the toy company. Her boss gave her plenty of space to learn and to try.

After working for a few years, Wan-Ting went to Umea Institute of Design (Sweden) to obtain a formal education in Industrial Design to enable her to explore a broad spectrum of design disciplines. Over the year in Umea, she learnt how to sharpen her design process and how to make her process more organisational. Critical thinking is always good for any project and she became stronger than ever through her intensive training in UID. Wan-Ting also had the chance to try a number of interaction design projects where she became interested in exploring the differences and similarities in people’s behaviours.

Wan-Ting dedicates her time to music, writing and photography. She is currently writing a story about a boy and his adventure. The story is initiated by her travel experiences in Europe. Wan-Ting believes that raveling not only inspires her but also helps to discern her own culture.