Martin Tai Lyhne Jensen

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Industrial Design

After finishing his Bachelor in Industrial Design from Aalborg University, Martin sought to broaden his view and experience with design and the processes behind an integrated design process. He completed an internship at the Copenhagen-based design agency WhomadeID, where he felt the need to burst the product design bubble, seeking opportunities to involve design thinking in a more holistic sense – relating more to service design concepts than physical products.

Martin then did a placement at Social Action, where the ethnological approach and fast-forward environment offered him a welcome zoom-out and the chance to work with a greater perspective, pointing to a world where people are king – but also the ones responsible of saving the planet through behavioural change. As part of a small flexible company he found it interesting to also challenge larger institutions and companies in the art of doing good.

Martin would like to throw his dime in, making this world of new systems a more fun and playful place – where a system is not just a rigid structure or grey gentleman hired to keep you and everyone else from screwing up.

In a time of solution inflationism, maybe the more important role of future designers is to not only come up with shiny solutions, but also to provoke beautiful, playful and engaging questions Рhelping to outline the dreams of tomorrow.