Marthinus Oosthuizen

Country: UK
Area of Expertise: Industrial Design

Young Mac turned from the glass screen of the TV one late afternoon while the BBC News was playing and asked his mother, “Do I need to fix all this?”. Luckily she said “No” and although she never knew for sure (although probably suspects so now), that day was the beginning of a long and never ending interest in the responsibility of art and design to empower and inspire people to facilitate change.

During his time on the Industrial Design course in Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK, Mac embraced many opportunities to work for both design consultancies and large corporations, including 6 months in Hong Kong. Upon graduation, he did a two-year freelance stint working for the design consultancy Forpeople in the heart of London. Working mainly on ethnographic research, interaction design and user experience for consumer electronics and furniture design companies, it was this time that inspired Mac to pursue a personal journey into what Interaction Design means to him by joining CIID.