Kristjana Guðjónsdóttir

Country: Iceland

Kristjana graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Reykjavík University after lacing her studies with languages, math and sociological courses. She also spent some time abroad, studying at Concordia University in Montréal and learning French in France.

During her studies she got a chance to work on a student research project in Computer Vision at Reykjavík University’s AI lab. At the same time, her job at a local company’s marketing department allowed her to work in a completely different environment, working in a team to do everything from publishing a magazine to organising a charity day.

As much as she liked math and coding, her favourite courses tended to be the ones that weren’t strictly technical but rather focused on the human aspects. So after a short stint doing concept development and natural language processing at a local startup, Kristjana returned to Reykjavík University, this time to do a postgraduate degree in Education.

Her interest in human behaviour, development and learning grew during that time and she spent her free time volunteering as an olympiad math teacher at elementary schools, consulting on the UI for a startup developing study technique software and being project manager at a company that organises after-school courses for gifted students.

Kristjana finally realised that what she’s really interested in, is people. How people think, act, learn and interact with each other and the things around them. At CIID, she looks forward to teamwork and taking ideas from an initial spark to final solution – carefully considering every detail of the interaction throughout the whole process and thereby, hopefully, producing beautiful experiences.

Being innately curious, Kristjana enjoys all things new. She is therefore obsessed with traveling and experiencing new places, food and languages. She takes immense pleasure in words and numbers and, together with friends, started a music blog to get an outlet for her interest in music.