Hyeona Yang

Country: South Korea
Area of Expertise: User Interface Design, Multimedia design, storytelling, Illustration

Hyeona completed the 4-year BFA multimedia design program at Hong-ik University. She is interested in interaction design, design research, information design, and illustration. She joined the KT Android Home-screen project in Seoul to launch the first android phone from the KT mobile company, utilising design, market research, and marketing skills. This is where she perfected a skill for pulling all-nighters. She worked at IBM as a marketing designer and managed the overall outsourcing process for design, published marketing ads, and managed and designed several overseas graphic projects.

She would like to bridge the gap between ‘early adopters’ who take advantage of advanced technology and ‘late adopters’ who don’t. She believes the best way to predict the future is to create it. Whether or not we want, the future will change in line with technology and it is up to interaction designers to make that technology more human.

Hyeona also likes traveling and sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, glacier hiking, and so on. She believes that she can change the world.