Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan

From a very young age, Hari showed a great deal of interest in the inner workings of any object that moved or had a display. Later, after graduating in Civil Engineering, he wanted to make objects that work and interact with humans.

He did his post graduation in Industrial Design at IIT Delhi, and has been working as a motorbike designer for past two years with one of world’s leading motorbike manufacturers.

At CIID, Hari is exploring the relationship between form/function and rituals/behaviours associated with products and the experiences that they imbue; acquiring new skills and polishing his already varied skill-set.

He is very interested in the notion of “strategic design” -not just for big businesses, but also as a practice where multiple disciplines and perspectives are combined to establish a long term, sustainable vision towards the future. He believes these thoughts will gain prevalence as the world concentrates on more frugal, renewable and sustainable alternatives for even the most trivial of everyday scenarios.