Daim Yoon

Country: South Korea
Area of Expertise: Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Storytelling, Illustration, Naming of brands

Daim has a great interest in two fields of study in design. One is emotional and inclusive interaction design for fragile people like senior citizens, children, or the physically disabled. The other is the interaction design that concerns setting up a virtual scenario about the future and preparing for it.

In university, Daim was majoring in multimedia design but also became interested in interaction design connected to typography and graphic design, where she participated in an exhibition on behalf of her school.
Since November 2006, Daim has been working as a professional designer for a corporate identity and branding strategy company, undertaking environment design, projection strategy and corporate identity projects. With pride and passion about her job as a graphic designer, Daim has built a varied career record, gaining recognition and winning prizes for her work with the best national service companies.

Daim’s enthusiasm regarding interaction design for the future stimulates her to: devise sustainable designs; to have qualities of efficiency, economical and social skills; and to be a designer with insight into the future and users’ psychology. Interested in user experience design particularly, she has had many discussions, planned exhibitions with product, interactive media, and graphic designers. Daim constantly undertakes research on new materials, innovative technology, and media programs by holding seminars.

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