Alix Gillet-Kirt

Country: France
Area of Expertise: Multimedia Design

Initially trained in academic painting and drawing, Alix pursued design studies at an Art and Design school in France’s Champagne district. After graduating in Multimedia Design – focusing on graphics, communication and animation – the opportunity of working in Australia led her to Melbourne where she did freelance work for 9 months.

Back home for a 3-months web design project, Alix left, this time for an internship in one of Denmark’s leading design bureaus, and worked there as a graphic designer for 3 years.

Now a freelancer / part-time blogger, Alix still lives in Copenhagen, four-and-a-half years later. Her marriage to a Danish industrial designer strengthened her network in the Danish design world.

Alix is interested in how pictorial tradition influences our visual world today, how the practice of design should feed on as many disciplines as possible, and how graphic design knowledge can be applied to simplify our increasingly complex, information-clad world.”