Eamus- Let’s go into nature


‘Eamus’ is a service platform facilitating a trustful and sharing network of trips in nature. It consists of an online platform and an smart phone application. Users share their trips in nature in the online community and start building up complete and trustworthy trip details by uploading pictures, information and stories of their previous experiences in nature with the smart phone application. Eamus makes planning and sharing easier and brings the pleasant experiences back into urban life.

Who is it for?

The user group is families who live in the urban environment. Families seldom take risks and need easier access in both planning and going on a trip. Therefore, by providing a platform connecting these families together, they can easily edit and share their delightful memory in nature.

Why is it valuable?
This service aims to provide value across several levels. For individuals:

1. Making the planning of trips in nature easy and trustworthy 

2. Bringing the pleasant experience of being in nature back into urban life

3. Helping children understand the natural environment

For society
1. Sharing experiences and resources about nature in the community
2. Providing a new easy channel/ interface to search experiences in nature

The value is created by the users, who connect and share their experiences through the community site. By actively updating the things that users like in nature beyond their experiences, Eamus prolongs the pleasant experiences in nature and encourages them to go back into nature, closing the circle of the service.

How does it work?
Eamus facilitates an online platform and an smart phone application. Once users log-in to the Eamus website they can choose which trips interest them. By viewing the detail page, they can receive all the information needed such as a route map or public transport advice. They can also ask their friends who have been on that trip for special tips. 

When users are out in nature they can take pictures or video using the Eamus application that will then be uploaded directly to the Eamus database with the location and time information.  Whether it is their favourite tree, plant or rock, by tagging these as favorites the object or environment will then be remembered. 

Next time someone takes a picture of the same object or environment Eamus will send users an updated picture of these, allowing them to prolong their connection with nature beyond their initial experience. 

After their trip, any pictures, videos, comments and questions captured will be seamlessly uploaded to their Eamus profile making their experience in nature simple to edit and easy to share with others. There is also the option to create a tangible reminder of their trip by printing out a book that visualises their journey and precious experiences through nature and brings the treasurable experiences back into urban life.