Channel of Mindfulness

Channel of Mindfulness is designed for those new to spiritual practice. They are the people who have the motivation to know more about spirituality and their inner world but also have difficulty starting with traditional practice (such as meditation) because of the distractions in modern life and other personal reasons. Channel of Mindfulness acts as a starting point for them to explore their spiritual life and help them prepare for further practice.

Bringing mindfulness in to our day-to-day lives is key to spiritual growth. Channel of Mindfulness creates a new way to help inexperienced practitioners to discover and integrate mindfulness in to their daily life. The idea is to make people more aware by paying closer attention on listening to some relaxing sounds from special environments. By focusing on the sounds and combining this with with a rolling gesture, a higher stage of mind — mindfulness and awareness will be created.

The design consists of two parts: a small tangible device and an application running on iPhone, and they communicate with each other through the dock connector.

The device is quite small and easy to carry. Whenever you want to empty your mind and create a mindful experience, just take it out, connect with your iPhone and open the application. Use the tuning dial to find a sound channel and then play it. In order to hear a clear sound track, the users need to keep rolling the device smoothly at a customised speed which is pre-set in the Settings page of the application.

On top of the soundtrack, another layer of meditation frequency is also added to help the user to reach a level of mindfulness. In Settings, the user can choose one of the six Solfeggio Frequencies (396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz), which have some healing effects on the human brain.

The rolling gesture is a way to help the user remain focused on listening and it’s also a feedback system to track the user’s mind. When rolling at the setting speed, the user is able to hear the best mix of the soundtrack and the meditation frequency. If the smooth rolling is interrupted (too fast, too slow or stopped), a subtle change of the sound is produced as feedback to tell the user to stay focused.

The two parts are dealing with different tasks. All the physical interaction is happening on the device: tuning to find a channel, rolling the device to listen and some physical feedback. On the other side, iPhone is dealing with all the heavy technology, network, graphical interface and sound processing.

The users can access different sound channels according to where they are because the iPhone knows the location through GPS. New sound channels will be updated over time and the application will send notifications to the users in order to keep their motivation high.