WinWin Box is a service based on the idea of people helping each other. Through the WinWin Box website, people can easily make a request or provide help to others requests. People can share their small tasks which must be done but not finished yet. People who accept tasks will earn WinWin credits from the service. These credits can be used by not only sending requests but also to make micro-payments.

The team created a short film to introduce the interaction with the WinWin Service. They started by creating fresh characters who resemble the target users of this service. Based on the characters, the direction of the story was decided and there was a chance to question the design and business model of WinWin Service. WanTing (Eden) played the busy nurse who bought credits on WinWin Service and published her paying-bill request. Daim Yoon, acting as the student, accepted the request and went to a bank to pay the bill.

The characteristic roles made the low-fi video interesting. In order to retain interest of the story, performers acted exaggeratedly to represent the characters. When the movie was edited, the effects were chosen to be in harmony with the performance.