Kristjana & Hao-Ting – OnRoute

On-Route uses crowd-sourcing to minimise the number of detours people must make on their daily route.

The service allows people to create simple tasks, such as shopping for groceries, buying flowers or picking up a package at the post office. If anything needs to be returned, such as the groceries, the user can decide where that should be done – e.g. at the user’s house, workplace or at lockers located around town.

These tasks are listed by time and area. Other users, whose route may include any of the tasks, can see those tasks and decide which ones they would like to do, thereby completing a task on their own route.

Upon completing a task, the user is rewarded by receiving feedback from the creator of that task. The feedback is in the form of OnRoute points. Points can then be used to create tasks in the system.

The open brief for this course allowed the team to explore the video-making process from start to finish. From defining the service in more detail to story boards, sketches and a lo-fi version of the video. For the final version the team went back to the story boards, rethought and reorganised, and finally went on to think about frame set up, organising the shoot, shooting, reshooting and editing.