Joshua & John – OnRoute

Given a concept for a new task-sharing system within cities. The team set about illustrating how commuters could assist one another by completing tasks during their journeys to and from work.

The process included a quick storyboarding session followed by the compilation of a low fidelity video prototype. The low-fi version of the story included some basic style decisions, indicative timing, music selection and rudimentary props.

Interestingly, the style developed for the low-fi prototype proved successful and was carried over to the next version. This stop-motion style collection of real photographs was originally intended to abbreviate what would become full motion video. On review however, it was seen as successful in its own right, and meriting further development.

In the final, hi-fidelity version a voiceover, some on screen graphics and new shots were added. Timing was improved and the entire video trimmed to a much shorter length.