Seçkin & Yufan – OnRoute

‘OnRoute – Yufan’s Awakening’ is a short film explaining a common interest service based on the idea of helping people to help you. The service works on the basis of completing small tasks for people that don’t have time to do the tasks themselves. By completing tasks, the users earn Star Points which they can use for creating their own small tasks when they need some help.

The team started their visualisation process by drawing storyboards on which they had a chance to question the working model of the OnRoute Service and came up with a possible story by which to explain the principles of the system. As laid out in the storyboard, they shot the Lo-fi version of the story by using mockup places and characters. This process was extremely useful for sharpening their ideas about the functioning of the system. They could see the flaws in the scenario and the service and were able to make corrections before creating the Hi-fi version of the film.

Seçkin directed the movie while Yufan played the hero who learns about the OnRoute service through social networking, signs up to the service and starts to help other people for their small tasks through which he earns Star Points. He uses these points to get help from others. In this particular movie he uses the OnRoute Service to get breakfast one morning when he woke up late and did not have a time to prepare a breakfast for himself.

Through this 3-phase production, starting from storyboard and ending with Hi-fi movie, the team learned how to use video as a sketching tool to construct a visual model that will convey the core elements and functioning of a service in clearest way for people to understand it.