The brief was to produce a video scenario for the following imaginary service:

“On-route” is a service that makes an everyday commute more exciting by asking the user to complete small tasks for others on the way. “On-route” solves micro-logistics by crowd sourcing and utlising social networks. The service knows your regular commute route and makes suggestions to provide small micro-services to others on the way. Tasks could include picking up a package and dropping it off, buying flowers and delivering them with a message, paying bills for others, making a dinner reservation, mailing a letter etc..

The system works on barter of favours and users are rated based on their service quality. The social currency can be used in many different ways inside the system. There is an element of smartness by means of GPS tracking, assignment of optimal tasks vs routes, ratings etc. Security is ensured by validating/profiling users and the service operator arbitrates disputes.

Members can issue requests to others in the system using the points they collect. The service also provides temporary holding boxes at various locations to make the system is asynchronous and operates fleet services to fill the gaps in areas of low density of users and to reduce network latency. On-route has numerous touch points including web, mobile apps and printed materials.

As the system evolves, inter-modality can be introduced thus covering vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.