The diagram is a mapping of the concept of volume and how through different levels of abstraction, it can describe our everyday life and the reality we believe in, on different scales.

The diagram interfaces a conceptual mental model on life laid out as a continuum of interactions with ever interconnected abstract volumes of object, space/void, the mental, the physical, the past, the present and the future.

The abstraction begins in the bottom with the conceptualization of the emotional and mental dynamics of an individual described as a mental volume of opportunity for how to interact with the surroundings.

The mindset of the model provokes logic structure and deduction to commit suicide and dissolve into nonsense, infinite complexity and chaos.

However, put in a more restricted context, the model could be a tool in creative processes to renegotiate dogma and rigid concept development in new terms.

By volume of my soul
I can fight and love as a whole

By the volume of my mind
I can be angry but stay kind

By the volume of my spirit I pass the boundaries of myself,
reach out to others and come out of my shell

The volume of my body is of life, love and doing
Shouting, dancing, cheering and booing.

The volume of a flat
is where I’m living at

The volume of my street
is where a nod means a greet

In the moving functional volume of the metro
guys stand close but appears to be hetero

The volume of the city is transformed in the rain.
parks are abandoned and flights booked to spain

The volume of the seasons change our embrace of space.
Empty winterworld will become oh-happy-days

Snow being a volume of danger to a bus
as a snowball forms a volume of fun for us

Great how throwing volumes of winter “in your face”
makes the inner child(ren) breach the adult maze

Ensuring the volume of this fun for tomorrow
There must be some hints of the past we can borrow

As a light with gentle boundaries in the night
I choose to blend with the world as I fight for it’s right

The only true restrictive volumes in life
remains your own imagination and the command of a wife.