Students were welcomed to their first morning at CIID over a cosy breakfast with CIID faculty and staff. Head of Programme, Simona Maschi, then presented an overview of the curriculum to give students an idea of how they will be spending the rest of the year. A group of alumni joined for a series of short talks in the afternoon to provide a honest picture of what it’s really like to be a student on the Interaction Design Programme.

The teambuilding course was run by Simon Kavanagh of the KaosPilots. Students were given the opportunity to present themselves to their new peers through a three minute (analogue) presentation. Some people had made T-shirts, one brought chocolate and others used real-time sketching to illustrate why they had chosen to come to CIID to study.

The rest of the week was spent doing a number of hands-on tasks such as ‘Designing the Alliance’, ‘Creative Aikido’ and ‘My Calling’. The studio was a hive of activity and people got to know each other in a very short space of time. There was time for thought, time to be loud, time to eat and time to play.

For the last portion of the week, the students were given an investigation by Torben Thyregod Jensen of Velux. They spent 48 hours exploring four themes: Horizontal, Vertical, Volume and Surface.

Naturally, the first week concluded with a reception – where a high standard for participation at social occasions was set in stone.