The What’sUp system is an assistive kit aimed at supporting the everyday life and learning of mentally challenged children, helping them to share their achievements at school with their parents at home.

Value Proposition:
The everyday life of mentally challenged children is often complicated by their difficulties in staying focused on their current activities. Small distractions can make the child forget what they were doing and so they have to repeatedly seek the assistance of a teacher to stay on track.

Even though many of the children have a strong natural drive for explorative cognitive learning, a lot of this energy seems to surge out as more of a hindrance to learning than as a driver for it. Building on the children’s natural curiosity and explorative energy What’sUp is trying to turn moments of learning distraction into moments of learning attraction.

The What’sUp system builds on the following core value propositions:

Pursuing the knowing of the doing – Know a moment to pursue the next
Helping the children to (schedule and) remember their current activity at school

Explorative learning – Natural distraction as a learning attraction
A chance for the children to more independently engage in exploring learning by feedback from their physical environment.

Sharing as caring – sharing an experience is an experience
Help for the children to share their experiences and achievements with their parents at home.

The What’sUp system consist of different both and digital features:

What’sUp Timetable
The What’sUp timetable consists of a board with magnetically fitting activity-badges representing the daily activities of the child. The activity board builds on the existing TEACCH system. The daily schedule of the child is laid out chronologically reading from left to right.

A What’sUp clock
The What’sUp builds on the mental model of a wristband-watch. Throughout the day the child will transfer the activity-badge representing the upcoming activity from the activity-board to fit it in the bracelet. This way the child will always be able to refer to the What’sUp Clock to remember their current activity.

Connecting the What’sUp at school the teachers can upload photos taken by dragging them onto a pop up window.

Connected to a computer at home the What’sUp will trigger display of any new pictures taken at school. This will help child sharing the experiences and achievements from school with the parents at home.

The handtags provide the teachers an opportunity to record audio-clips and relate them to an exact hand tag which is placed in the physical environment in the institution. When a child touches the hand-tag with the What’sUp hand, the What’sUp will playback the stored audio-clip and the child gets a vibration feedback.