Layered City Map

Public city maps in Copenhagen are put in places tourists most likely wouldn’t look. They only contain information that covers large areas so they are rather unspecific and potentially confusing.

The layered city map is an attempt to let tourists filter and customise information on the city maps around Copenhagen to give a more detailed view of the area.

The information shop in Copenhagen, close to the central train station, was a great source of inspiration due to its way of dividing the attractions, events and other things about Copenhagen into categories – making it easy for the tourists to plan around interests. Unfortunately the shop is only open during the day-time and is only located one place in the city center.

The layered city map is designed to fit the public blue sign-posts around the city and is developed to engage the tourists in personalising their own map. By identifying some of the needs and wants a tourist in Copenhagen might have, the layers have been divided into: transportation, accommodation, restaurants/cafés and attractions plus ‘nice-to-know’ (about the area) which the tourist can drag on the map one at the time or in groups in order to experience the area.

By letting the tourists choose their information no irrelevant details will overwhelm the image of the area.