FollowMe is a mobile-based journey planner providing a simple interface to allow travelers and locals the freedom to plan their trips before leaving home and arrive smoothly using the buffer system.

The city has its own style. The brief for this project was to focus on Copenhagen. Therefore, we took unique Copenhagen experiences such as weather and infrastructure into account while building our design.

The idea came from two observations.The first came from watching people while they waited for the bus. We noticed that they kept looking up to see if their bus was coming. They were unable to relax or concentrate on other tasks. Our other idea came from watching people miss their buses as a result of poor time management. By examining these situations, we began to ask ourselves how we might help people enjoy their journeys.

By inputting your time, including a buffer period and destination, FollowMe will guide you using alert signals and route maps with transportation arrival and departure times so you can make your way through the city without a hitch.

This service lets you know exactly how long you have left to wait, so you can shop a bit or walk toward the transit point at your own pace. Also, once you reach the bus stop, you don’t have to keep looking up to see whether your bus is coming or not, as our service will notify you when your bus is approaching. Once onboard, GPS will allow you to keep track of where you are and another alert signal will let you know when it is time to get off. Moreover, without Wifi FollowMe still functions using downloaded maps and time tables to help you plan your journey.  
This service helps people to manage their journey in an efficient and relaxed way. A journey to a new place is no longer a hassle but enjoyment. This is also helpful in weather-challenged regions such as Copenhagen. Though it’s known as The City of Bikes (55% of workers bike to work), in the winter Copenhagen weather can be harsh, and many people find themselves using transportation without knowing exactly how to go or which bus to take. Travelers and newcomers who don’t know which way to go or where they can get off, can get helped from Followme.

This service can also collaborate with Mass transportation systems and Google Maps to provide more complete service circle.