Family on the Wings

“Family On The Wings” is a community service connecting a child traveling alone with a family on the same route in order to create a personal, playful and safe traveling experience. The service facilitates a network of trust by connecting families and their children with other families from their local environment.

Who is it for?
The user group is children traveling alone. By connecting these children with a ‘host’ family, they will travel with the same people, who speak their own language, throughout the entire journey. Therefore, the service also targets the parents of the children traveling alone and the families who will accompany the child on the journey. The service facilitates meetings between families via an online community, where the users can create family profiles and get in touch with each other by shared reference points.

Why is it valuable?
The service improves the traveling experience for both children and the host family by creating a playful, personal and smooth journey from check in at the airport to the arrival at the destination. The value lies in the personal and trustful relationship that the families build using the full service system from initiating the first contact with another family in the online community to sending a child traveling with this family, to sharing this traveling experience for other users to read and benefit from in the community.

The service works both on a macro and a micro level, providing the overall framework for families to find each other and meet, as well as handling the practicalities of planning the journey.

The value is created by the users, who connect and share their experiences through the community site. Moreover, tangible and intangible benefits are provided for the guest child and the host family throughout the journey in the form of access to the fast track security check, a map of all playgrounds in the airport, a camera and toys for the kids, coffee for the parents and a ride in an airport car to their gate. All touch points are offered to ease the experience of traveling with children. Furthermore the host family has the chance to earn bonus miles when accompanying a child.

How does it work?
‘Family On The Wings’ is a service platform facilitating a trustful network of traveling families. Users create family profiles in the online community and start building up a complete and trustworthy profile by providing pictures, information and sharing stories of their previous traveling experiences with ‘Family On The Wings’. Furthermore, users can find shared points of reference by providing information about their local networks and by connecting their profile to Facebook and LinkedIn.

‘Family On The Wings’ collaborates with the major airline companies and provides several touch points throughout the airport. The two families traveling together can either choose to check in together on the website or meet in the airport to do it. At check-in the host family is provided with a contact list. This list contains information about who is picking up the guest child on arrival and additional information of other people who are also allowed to pick up the child, if plans should change. The host family and the children also receive a ‘Family On The Wings’ welcome bag at this point to ease their journey through the airport.

Before the host family and the guest child arrive, the relative picking up the child at the arrival destination checks in to the airline company in order to confirm her or his identity. The relative receives two ‘Family On The Wings’-badges to pass to the child and the host family when they meet. The badge works as a symbol of the completion of their journey together and will over time become a collectors item for the children to feel proud of their accomplishment.

As soon as both families have shared their stories of their journeys back to the community, the badge will also appear on the family profile as a symbol of the experience.