CPHCloud / FlashTicket

CPH Cloud is a networked service platform that provides support and new opportunities to passengers, staff and retailers by connecting them together, prompting them with useful information at opportune moments throughout the airport (space & time) and providing a key platform for expansion of the travelling experience in the future.

One such expansion could be FlashTicket, a potential CPH Cloud platform service that allows passengers to credit a boarding pass with money and spend it at the airport, both on their journey and on future journeys. The service provides incentives in the form of rounding-up spare change and special offers and discounts from retailers.

A passenger can opt-in to the FlashTicket service when they book their ticket online at their preferred carrier. They can plan their time through the airport, adding any offers or facilities that CPH may be offering at that moment in time – preparing themselves for the airport experience.

At the airport, the passenger while checking in, can view and change their journey before receiving their FlashTicket. The ticket itself is used to redeem offers, pay for typical items and identify themselves and their progress to CPH using ticket readers at locations such as coffee shops and convenience stores eventually using it as a regular boarding pass to travel to their destination.

Our main insights derived from the research phase were based around passenger mindset. Many people find the moments in which they have to wait for information a stressful moment in their journey through the airport, and part of our research insight was that passengers accept that this is part of the airport experience.

We learnt that this was mainly due to a major lack of communication at key moments which if provided in a sensible, subtle way would benefit a passengers “internal schedule”; the way in which they see themselves spending their time at the airport.