In the future, society and technology have evolved to a point where a widening gulf exists between the privileged few with access to digital information and the vast majority who have no access to the information pipelines that drive the economies of the world.

In this environment, the mysterious “Interceptor” penetrates the very fibres that carry information around the planet and beyond, stealing information bit-by-bit and distributing it to the masses.

The Interceptor suit was created from black vinyl and card, with an integrated circuit to light each “bit” fashioned from acrylic, copper and optic fibres and attached by hooks to the outer surface. This project explored fantasy characters and augmentation of the human form as well as wearable technology, fashion design, performance and art direction.

The brief for this workshop was to develop a wearable piece under the theme of “Human Augmentation in a Future Context”. Several round of ideation produced the “Interceptor” character after which prototyping enable the design to emerge. The final product included the costume, several “bit” accessories and a stylised video prototype showing the costume in action.