Augmented Ears

Augmented Ears is a human enhancement concept that explores the idea of additional and augmented hearing senses. The increasing level of information that people living in modern cities experience every day has been the backdrop in our exploration of future human senses and perception. Augmented Ears is a far-flung future vision for a new kind of bodily way to experience the world.

Augmented Ears blocks the eyesight but provide eight ears, which can filter and hear different frequencies of sound. It now becomes possible to filter all unwanted noise away and to compose a personal sound landscape by picking one frequency or mixing two different frequencies.

Augmented Ears is a working prototype built by hacking together an old horse-riding helmet with a set of cheap headphones. Each of the ears have a magnet in their centre that works as switch when an ear is placed on one of the ‘main ears’. Each of the eight small ears has resistors inside them, which are mapped to a certain frequency.