Performative Design is a creative workshop focusing on the body as a context of design within projected and far-flung future scenarios. An intimate link between our physicality and the outside world, clothing can be seen as a deeply powerful and expressive interface. Its most powerful instantiation lies not in the garments of our everyday lives, but in works at the extreme edge of creativity and human augmentation.

During this seven day workshop, we aim to explore body-centric design, focusing on and learning from the physical potential and expressive nature of the human body in its environment. Performative Design is a hands-on workshop in which we physically sketch around the body, testing and acting out scenarios. Fast body-centric prototypes will be developed, tested and documented on the body using cheap materials, to encourage students to think and design in a physical way, without the impingement of material costs.

As well as cultivating a physical and social understanding of body-centric design, we will focus on the fabrication techniques and interface development throughout the workshop. Aiming to expand the skill base of students, we will explore a combination of traditional fashion and textiles techniques alongside digital tools such as computer aided pattern cutting and basic soft circuitry construction.

Pioneer testing and guerrilla interventions will be expected of students throughout the design and fabrication process, holding the belief that outsiders may unleash a stream of potential far beyond the creative expectation of the designer. Finally, it is our hope that students will unleash the unexpected by exploring, developing and challenging, forward thinking visions of the body through the wearable interface.