Little iceflake dancing on the sea
Little iceflake waiting for me
It wants to go up as I take it for a dive
Sound of bubbles as it tries to survive
However the iceflake will never melt
And the wetness of water never be felt
The water is just moving color on a screen
and the force is created by a magnetic machine
Maybe in the future the computer will feel wet
and non-melting ice become something you can get

The project builds on a playful imitation of the force feedback experience of buoyancy. Audio feedback is added to the interaction to increase the playfulness and fun of the interaction. The mental model builds on the image of an ice-flake gently surfacing the ocean.

Pulling the ice down into the virtual water will initiate the DC in giving force feedback relative to the depth of the ice. Going deeper will increase the power of the feedback. Audio samples of different pitch are related to different positions of the ice.