Engage in the experience of flying a virtual kite. Let your senses overcome physical limitations and set your mind free.

Playing with motors and sound with Bill Verplank, the team created a platform for a multi-sensorial experience – designing a visual interface and a haptic motion controller.

HaptiKite lets you enter a peaceful, dreamy world in the sky, where the breeze makes your kite gently sway in a realistic manner.

Feel the wind’s pressure on the handle. Feel the kite line vibrating. Hear the wind blow. Control the movements of the kite itself. Forget you’re in a closed room, standing in front of a wall.

Feel, see, hear. Play. Interact.

In just 2 days, through rapid prototyping and multiple iterations in programming, graphics and product design (we hacked an Arduino board, created Processing sketches to animate the graphic kite and to translate the user’s movements and we carefully crafted a wooden handle on the lathe) the multi-disciplinary team drew on various skills to provide the player with an engaging visual, auditory and tactile game, discovering that the use of haptics enhances most experiences, adding multiple layers of information, sensations or simply playfulness.