Share your View

Do you have the childhood memory of lying down on the grass with friends, looking up at the clouds?

The Velux frame and “Share your view” platform is a concept for the near future. The population of planet Earth is becoming more urban than rural. We are losing the horizontal view little by little, but urban citizens still share the same sky with those in rural areas.

“Share your view” is a information-sharing platform to inspire urban citizens to look up at the sky and to reconnect with nature.

The Velux frame is a portable device inspired by Velux home windows. Through the frame, users can browse, create and share their views on the sky – and co-create on each others’ work. “Share your view” also opens other educational opportunities for children to learn about the nature, starting a conversation between parents and children.

“Build our sky map” is a movement which can be commenced from today to make people appreciate daylight in the cities by giving the same possibilities as people living in the countryside.

People take photos of the sky, upload them to the movement website. The more photos are uploaded, the more abundant a sky map we have. Eventually, we will have a sky map as splendid as a land map. The movement gives citizens a way to admire, frame, share and appreciate nature through Velux.