Boxes of Meaning

Boxes of meaning is a visual network community that enable Maersk Line employee’s to communicate and discuss On Time Delivery (OTD) across organisational silos, and understand their own specific role and contribution to the overall system. The concept consists of an online community, and a tangible interface in the shape of a Maersk Line container. Through the community, employee’s can subscribe to stories and updates from colleagues all over the world, creating a personalised communication stream that is pushed directly to the employee’s personal container, carrying perspectives and information from all over Maersk Line to the immediate workspace.

Value proposition

The current work practice around OTD very much consists of reporting, evaluating, and planning in a one-way stream of data and information. We believe that people cannot take OTD to their hearts, when the focus is strictly on numbers and digits. Therefore we suggest that the work that goes on around OTD becomes bidirectional, visualising the different layers and actors that are all contributing to keeping the promise about OTD, and enabling employees to engage in the discussion and share knowledge about OTD.