iCameras as cheap as post-its. As sensors for rich amounts of data rather than just tools for photography. As ubiquitous, intelligent machines that see and interpret. 

Will the above scenario (which could soon become a reality) just lead to cameras becoming better agents for surveillance or can there be a scenario where we could free the camera from this notion.

‘iOpen’ presents a vision, a scenario where these agents and shared objects could be positioned everywhere in the city by a commune or city, and these could see and process much more than RGB data. This data and the metadata associated with it is collected and processed at databanks , which is then made open and accessible to the public.

What we tried to prototype and show, is how such a system could manifest itself, empower and enrich people through the creation of meaningful services, products and even artwork.

Video Scenario Intro (second video below)
The first of the two stories is told by a designer who has used the metadata of ‘smiles’ in a city to some up with artwork. The second is of a person involved with the development of ‘I-Open’ , who explains the reasoning and rationale behind the same.

This was a collaborative Industry Project carried out for INTEL Labs.
Duration : 2 weeks