Skype 6.0

Skype 6.0 is a redesigned version of Skype for the Mac –  providing an efficient and clean user interface.

Many Mac users are not completely satisfied with the current interface because of its size and inflexibility. Our focus was to make Skype simpler and more multi-tasking friendly while still keeping it discreet and small so users would like to leave it open and visible on their screen at all times.

The redesigned Skype has an image-based contact list rather than text-based to optimise use of screen space. After some testing we found that people will, in most cases, easily recognise their contacts’ pictures. However, any time the mouse hovers over the contact list the contacts’ names and details will also appear.

Another big change in the interface is the tab-based window, inspired by trends in web browsers. Each conversation is a separate tab. These tabs can be dragged around to organise conversations visually, either separating them from the main Skype window (e.g. to keep a focus on one conversation) or re-ordering them in the main window. This makes the application both easy to grasp for new users and powerful for heavy users.

In order to keep the interface uncluttered and discreet, each tab uses its space efficiently. Therefore, information and icons are only displayed when needed. This can, for example, be seen in the following:
-Names and location of contacts are only displayed in the contact list when the mouse hovers over the list
-Chat function icons are hidden unless the top part of the tab is hovered over
-Instead of displaying the user’s own video in the corner of a video chat tab, the user’s profile image is replaced with the video during a video chat.