Our update to the Processing project is a re-imagining of the current interface, allowing Processing to more completely fulfill its goal of being a tool for designers, artists, and developers to code creatively. We’ve added in easy access to code snippets, a methods and variables view, a debugging view, and created a more coherent workflow. Our goal was to move away from the Java-like UI of the current Processing UI to a more OS-native approach that still maintained the original branding of the larger Processing project.

We drew on our deep knowledge of the Processing environment and the variety in our backgrounds to address each of our respective needs from a creative code environment. Alix is a true designer in the purest sense of the word and her needs were markedly different from those of Joshua, who has worked as a developer for nearly 10 years. By combining the needs of each team-member, we arrived at a re-imagining of the interface that remained true to the ideals of the Processing project while creating an intuitive, beautiful, and accessible interface.