Divvy – To do

Divvy is a to-do application that enables task sharing and planning between friends. Divvy is unique in the way that it provides a simple and quick way to plan events between multiple people.

Divvy is not restricted to text only, but brings forth an interface where images, videos and links can be shared in a clear and easy manner.

Divvy is structured after the events you create. Events can either be personal or shared. Each of the shared events has sub-tasks where people can be assigned to be responsible for the tasks. Tasks can also have pictures, videos and links attached. In that way it becomes easier and more manageable to plan events and discuss e.g. what kind of dinner to cook for the next party exactly because recipes and other content can be shared. Everything related to the event you are planning will be presented in a simple and visual overview.

Our design goal was to create a to-do application that allows people a way to share inspiring content in a playful and simple manner. We were very conscious about creating a visually calm environment, rather than producing stress with constant overdue notifications and pop up windows. Divvy is a tool for inspiration and the joy of planning and anticipating upcoming events with friends, colleagues and relatives.