Vector Field

VectorField is a generative work which illustrates the meaning of ìPrecisionî.

The definition of precision is the quality of being very exact or correct. Order or command should be followed, otherwise precision does not exist.

The idea behind this work is to use the mouse cursor to lead segments in a specific area in order to represent the difference between precise and imprecise. The control cursor is the rule which the segments need to obey. Inside the controlled area, all the segments follow the rule.

The directions, colours and thickness of segments are influenced by the distance from the control cursor. The difference between segments inside and outside the field represents the meaning of ìPreciseî.

The closer to the cursor, the more precise direction of the segments pointing toward the cursor are. Also, the closer they are, the thinner the segments. Thin lines can show the direction more accurately than thick ones. On the other hand, the segments outside the controlled area are thicker and the direction goes randomly.