Learning how to code is about mastering a new language.

By translating Processing’s functions and methods into French, this project makes it clear to everyone, experts and beginners alike. The crucial role of parameters is thus highlighted.

For my first dive into programming, I chose to explore “behind the scenes” of Processing. Modifying the source code and recompiling the software was an eye-opening experience. Inspired by visiting faculty Dennis Paul and Patrick Kochlik’s approach to design as a medium that allows the audience to understand a message, I chose to present a translated version of the popular programming tool Processing – now called “Traitement”. The interface, website and programming language are all translated in to French.

Using essentially the same structure as the original, you can now code in French.

More than a political statement, Traitement could provide an alternative to the all-English based programming languages in use worldwide today – and could potentially be used in various contexts, ranging from business to educational.

Demonstrating that a beginner can – with help – hack into the program and modify one of its key parameters, the Traitement project offers a playful approach to code; deconstructing the usual clichés the surround programmers.