What kind of memories do you associate with valuable objects such as your watch, ring, or phone? Some belongings are really important not because of the price but because of the sentimental value and the memories they trigger.

Everyone has their own stories with objects, and the way they associate particular feelings can depend on what age they are. For example, when people get older, they don’t keep carry a teddy bear anymore. Still, they know what kind of story they had with it, yet, the teddy bear never remembers.

The aim of this project was to see how it might be possible to bring memories and objects together so that people can interact with them more directly – to create a new form of interaction between people and objects emotionally.

In this project, four common objects were chosen: Teddy Bear, Coffee, Ring and House. Each object symbolises different life stages: Childhood, Youth, Marriage and Family.

During the exhibition, people could write their idea or story related to the different objects and this is automatically saved. By selecting the individual objects it was possible to see what other people think or to read different stories about each object.