The Precise

The task given was to interpret the abstract term “The Precise” by using Processing codes as a medium.

A photograph is, for the human eye, a rather precise depiction of reality but how precise can it be depicted if not having concerns for the human comprehension? That was the challenge for this project.

The centre of a sunflower consists of the strict Fibonacci pattern. The sunflower has been optimised by nature throughout the years. It seems tight and accurate to the human eye and was therefore chosen to work on.

A photograph is precisely described by RBG values, stating the colour content of each pixel. By extracting these values in processing and then printing them out, it occurs that the overwhelming precision of digital imaging incapacitates human comprehension.

It gives a picture of how much data it takes, for a computer, to describe relatively small objects. It is interesting to think about how the feelings we get from a lovely and warm photograph actually derive from cold numbers and single letters.