The Code Behind

As part of everything we observe there is a code, a set of instructions, a procedure which is followed. This project rewards curiosity to enhance the viewers awareness of the code behind everything… nature, software, music and even art.

Generated using Processing and printed in high resolution on white paper, the ‘artwork’ is a series of randomly positioned pairs of spheres joined by ‘ribbons’ of bezier curves. Each pair and it’s associated ribbon share a common colour from a limited palette.

The intention is to generate a beautiful image of striking complexity, hopefully drawing the viewer to inspect the piece more closely.

The curious observer is then gently rewarded when, on venturing closer to the surface of the print, the actual generative code which created the pattern is revealed by means of a rear-projected illumination.

Technology used in this implementation includes an LCD screen, printed artwork (paper), Processing, Arduino and a single proximity sensor.

The installation is a prototype means for showcasing generative techniques. By revealing this ‘code behind’ it is hoped to enhance awareness of procedural qualities in art, design and even nature.